indieIndie rock music originated from the United states of America in the year 1980.It had an extreme diversity and had Indie Pop and R&B music as one of its subgenre. They have also existed in the United Kingdom as from 1980.”Indie” was used as a description of music which was produced on punk labels. At the end of 1990, Indie music developed through the development of different bands and genres in association. Some artists were forced to go for major labels while the others went underground. They then caused an emergence of two factions.

Narvana and other bands became commercial for rock music which was an alternative. Pavement band were created whose style was of Indie Rock. In the year 2000, bands started playing striped –down involving the guitar/.The White Stripes, The Strikes, and The Vines were among the bands who led the scenes of the breakthrough.

The word “Indie” was used to differentiate between artists who were independent and pop music. Other people define it as an alternative for Pop music. The sound when Indie music plays is real than that of Pop music. The word is more effective in describing and adding a music genre to make distinctions betweenbussiness aspects and music itself. In the usage of this name, America differed with Britain since it had an history which was different at each region.
Indie rock music is identified as an inclusive of musical approaches which vary with mainstream tastes It has female artists which is proportionally high with the rock genres which are preceeding.This is due to the development of Riot Grrl music of different acts like 7 year Bitch,Huggy Bear and Bikin Kill. The term “Indie Rock” has become an associate with genres and bands that have remained to their independent status. Grunge bands, through their break of success, they began creating sounding music which were independent.