Indie Rock Musicians

Indie rock is becoming more and more popular. Still the artists that play this music are somewhat unknown. There are some great Indie rock musicians that the public should take notice of.

The Unicorns


This band is based out of Montreal and has a mixture of fast paced pop with some color lyrics. In these songs the band uses instrument such as flutes and noisemakers that add the Indie rock element.


This band uses an electric guitar to add some noise to their music. They also have people clap along to the beat and there is a piano that will help with the chorus even when the guitar is playing. The band has a distinct sound but even with the guitar as been well received by Indie rock fans.

The National


This band has poetic lyrics and singer Matt Berninger has a baritone voice to give them a distinctive sound. The band’s lyrics speak about love, politics, and hope about life. There is also some great guitar playing to be heard in this music as well.

The Walkmen


This band slow down their music a little and year many people have taken a liking to their sound. The Walkmen are from New York and mix circuitous folk music with the sounds Indie rock fans have come to love. The music has a heavy sound of the piano as well as other vintage instrument sounds. This music is calming and has been well received by those that are fans of Indie rock.

These are some of the best artists to share their Indie rock music with the world. This genre of music is becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream audience. Indie rock has its own sound and artists are using this music to touch fans all over the world.